ready to pitch to the georgian angel network?

Pitching 101

Please review the following information to determine whether your company is at the right stage to join the Georgian Angel Network.

For a short video on best practices for pitching, check out “10 Things to Know Before You Pitch” by David Rose.

Below is a checklist that will help you to determine if an approach to GAN is appropriate for your company.

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Management Team

Your team is experienced, highly motivated, coachable, and realizes that some control and decision-making authority needs to reside with outside investors. You have sought out and recruited experienced individuals to serve on your Advisory Board.


Capital Requirement

You require between $300,000 and $1,000,000 (possibly more) to finance growth activities, i.e., recruiting key personnel, low-capex capital equipment, product development, building out the marketing and sales platforms. Founders/management already have significant cash invested, directly and via family/friends/business associates. You understand how much additional capital is needed, and when to progress to the next milestone.



You understand that GAN members will invest only where they can earn an acceptable return for the risk they are taking, including business risk, illiquidity and uncertainty on exit potential and timing.



You have proven the concept behind your product or technology, which is supported by empirical data and/or credible third-party experts. You have built a comprehensive business plan to commercialize the technology.


Intellectual Property

You have taken precautions to protect your intellectual property via patent or trademark. You have determined, through exhaustive due diligence, that you are not infringing on patents or trademarks already held by other companies in your space.


Business Plan

You have spent considerable time to develop a comprehensive business plan that incorporates your key strategies for growing your business.


Financial Projections

You have developed reasonable financial projections, minimum 3-year forecast, based on logical & realistic assumptions.


Target Customer

You have identifiable customers in a distinct, and growing, market segment. There is a demonstrable and significant demand for your proposed solution. You have traction with customers as evidenced by revenue.



The projected spending in your product category is large and growing, you understand the market trends.



You have taken the time to properly identify potential competitors. You understand your company’s differentiation points, as well as your sustainable competitive advantage.


Sales Strategy

You have a plan to achieve widespread market penetration for your products and services efficiently (internal, direct sales or via external channel partners).


Profit Potential

You can demonstrate how healthy margins and consistent cash flow growth will be achieved.


Exit Strategy

You have thought out an exit strategy that will enable angel investors to generate an acceptable return within a reasonable timeframe.

For Entrepreneurs

Ready for Angel Investment?

If you are an innovator looking for capital, experience and guidance, and you believe your business is ready, please follow the two steps below.