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Introducing NextGAN, an exciting new membership category designed to empower young professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to venture into the world of angel investing. With a vibrant and dynamic approach, NextGAN offers a unique cohort-based experience, fostering peer-to-peer learning through workshops and exclusive access to GAN investor meetings.

NextGAN Membership

NextGAN is tailored for individuals who identify with the following characteristics:


  • Career professionals in fields like finance, engineering, law, and the next generation of high-net-worth families.
  • Aspiring early-stage investors with the ambition to become angel investors.
  • Seekers of career advancement opportunities and insights.
  • Passionate about driving change and innovation in areas such as sustainability, health, transformation, B2B, and more.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs with the potential to pitch ideas or those already operating scaled businesses.

Benefits of a NextGAN Membership

NextGAN Investment

Meet unique founders seeking angel investment to grow their businesses and participate with GAN Angel Investors as they evaluate the opportunities. NextGAN members gain exposure to the next generation of businesses and the incredible technology advances of tomorrow.


NextGAN Membership fee is $400 plus HST

Enroll by November 30th, 2023 to join our first cohort.


Your NextGAN membership will be active November 30th to

November 30st, 2024.

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NextGAN Events

November 30th, NextGAN Launch Event & Investor Meeting


January 17th – 20th, GAN Winter Summit


April 25, 2024 – Master Class, Angel Investing


September 2024, Reignite Conference


October 2024, Xcelerate Summit