GAN investors will have a regional focus on investment opportunities, and will also make investments in start-ups from outside the area where these opportunities are sufficiently compelling.

INVESTMENT CRITERIA we evaluate will include:

  • Management team – industry & entrepreneurial experience, CEO leadership; track record of performance; coachable
  • Use of Proceeds – funds are used to meet determinable milestones that increase enterprise value
  • Disruptive technologies (quantum leap vs. incremental improvement), value-added proposition
  • Long term (sustainable) competitive advantage, fundamental understanding of competitive landscape
  • Business model, sources of revenue
  • Size/ growth rate of addressable market, well defined go-to-market strategy, multi-product/ multi-market opportunity
  • Relatively low capital investment
  • Beta-stage or more advanced company: existing customers, revenues (or path to revenues) and cash break-even (or path to cash break-even)
  • Milestones to next financing requirement
  • Exit potential – 5x in 3 years or 10x in 5 years

Sectors of Interest

Besides having a regional focus, GAN investors will predominantly have an interest in investing in the following sectors:

  • Light/advanced manufacturing
  • Sustainable development technologies
  • Medical technologies, products and services
  • Information and Communication Technologies

If your business doesn’t fit within one of these 4 sectors, but does meet the “Checklist” requirements in the preceding tab and the evaluation criteria recited above, we will consider other high-quality investment proposals and evaluate their fit with GAN members’ preferences.