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Companies that GXF invests in are offered a suite of services to help them get Angel-Ready without diverting valuable cash resources to bankers, lawyers, accountants, office space and strategic brand advisors. These services are established with various sponsors and supporters of GAN in the Simcoe County Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

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While the founder is asked to negotiate their own terms (scope of service and fees), GXF and GAN have worked with various groups to ensure they understand founders needs and limited resources. As an investee of GXF, you are not required to use any of these resources.

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Office Space

We are in the process of working with various organizations in Barrie and Simcoe County who would be able to provide office space and internet connectivity.


Establishing banking relationships can be frustrating. GXF and GAN can make introductions to facilitate the process and take advantage of packages offered to start-up companies.


Building a strong governance foundation for you business is important. By using lawyers with start-up experience you will learn best practices for use of options for founders and partners and vendors, shareholders agreements and effective Boards of Directors. GXF and GAN have worked with various lawyers and set up relationships for you to employ.


We can help you employ best practices to track all initial transactions and prepare transaction registers for accountants to use to set up simple yet effective accounting systems that tie into your spreadsheet projections and budgets.

Strategic Brand Advisors

Ultimately your brand may be the single most valuable asset. Developing and protecting your brand will drive customers to your business. It is often said that your brand owns you. GXF and GAN can refer you to the best brand specialists in the greater GTA and some of them reside in Barrie!


Many GXF investors and GAN members are available to act as mentors to help you as a sounding board as you build the foundations of your business. They have all been there, done that. They may not be as smart as the founders they invest in, but they been around and seen pretty much every problem you are likely to encounter.

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