Check out our Portrait of a GAN Angel Investor for an overview of what being an investor means.

For full Georgian Angel Membership details please review our GAN Brochure.

Membership in GAN includes the following:


    • Invitation to our regular investment meetings, 8-9 per year in Barrie, 2-3 per year in Toronto.


    • Opportunity to invest in 20 quality pre-screened deals each year.


  • Access to gust, the on-line repository for investee company information and due diligence materials.


    • Opportunity to learn more about angel investing as well as outside speakers who will be brought in periodically.


  • Interact with other angel investors, as well as other strategic contacts from within the early stage company ecosystem.

The success of any group is measured by the active participation of its members. We encourage members to participate:

  • Events – Attendance at, and participation in, investment meetings
  • Due Diligence – Participation in due diligence sessions, including use of your own personal networks for relevant expertise and contacts
  • Deal Flow – Referral of high calibre companies for presentation to our membership (referrals from within the group, or from strategic partners of the group).
  • Membership – Introduction of new members to the group, peer-to-peer referral is the optimal way to build a group. There is no minimum investment required! We encourage new members to learn and collaborate with  more experienced members prior to investing.

Membership is open only to Accredited Investors. 2017-2018 annual membership fees for individual angels are $850 (+HST). Membership renews annually on April 1st.

For membership inquiries please contact Michael Badham.