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To date the Georgian Angel Network has in two companies with GXF.

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Brain Racers is a first of a kind massive multiplayer cognitive race, available on iOS devices with Android coming soon.


Our goal is to build an epic eSports platform that celebrates brain athletes, like we do physical athletes in the world. We want to allow superstars to emerge based on their brain performance, essentially creating the ‘Michael Jordan’ of mind sports. Superstars become idols, inspiring millions of people. And in this case inspire everyone to get behind continuously learning and having a sharp mind.



Opsware is on a mission to make privacy automation incredibly easy and accessible to everyone in the enterprise. With Opsware, you can integrate your apps and systems like AWS, Salesforce, Google, and other data stores to map data between them automatically so you can focus on your most important work.


We’re 100% remote with teammates spanning around the world.

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