GAN Xcelerate Fund

GXF helps founders get their business “angel-ready” with an equity investment of $30,000 to match the OCE Smart Start program or similar non-dilutive funding, and optional support services from lawyers, accountants, brand-designers and office space providers.
Once your business is “angel ready”,  you will be able to pitch to GAN for your angel round of funding.

What is the GAN Xcelerate Fund?

A fund of $300,000 set up as a limited partnership of 16 GAN members that will invest up to $30,000 in 10 start-up companies over 2 years.

GXF will invest in Start-Up Companies That Can:

✔ be “Angel Ready” in 6 – 12 months

✔  demonstrate a product that provides a solution to a painful problem, with a large addressable market

✔ provide a technology-based transformation of processes, products or services in the food, agricultural, manufacturing, consumer products, environmental and business process sectors

What is “Angel-Ready”?

Download the 15 Point Checklist to see if your business can be is angel-ready in 6 – 12 months

The Application Process Requires a Presentation to GXF’s Selection Committee covering:

‣ product description, market fit and plan to reach sizeable addressable market

‣ legal structure, corporate governance and description of data room

‣ financial plan, including milestones for future financings

What is the GXF Selection Committee Looking For?

‣ unique, high-quality deal flow to GAN for angel investment: strong founders, transformational product, well developed plans and a large addressable market

‣ founders who appreciate the mentoring and support of their initial investors

‣ start-up companies in the Barrie, Simcoe, Grey, Muskoka ecosystem

‣ high ROI for high-risk pre-angel investment