The irresistible momentum behind clean, electric, connected mobility: Four key trends

Article by McKinsey Quarterly

Mobility’s future is visible in the increasing support of capital markets, the demands of Chinese consumers, the effort to slow climate change, and the new skills automakers will need to deal with these shifts.

Key Points: 

Why capital markets love mobility
Written by Kersten Heineke, Timo Moller, Asutosh Padhi, Dennis Schwedhelm and Andreas Tschiesner.

China’s connected consumer is the future
Written by Paul Gao, Florian Garms, Asad Husain, and Philipp Kampshoff

Can Electric vehicles put the brakes on climate change?
Written by Julian Canzade, Russell Hensley, and Patrick Schaufuss

New mobility, new skills
Written by Bjorn Hagemann, Ruth Heuss, and Kirsten Weerda

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