The American Angel: The First In-depth Report

As we wind down from the long weekend, we found this great report on American Angels. Let us know what you think! 

The American Angel Campaign

Early-stage financing from angel investors is critical to the success of high-growth startups. Recent estimates suggest that annual US angel investment activity may total as much as $24 billion each year, contributing to the growth and success of more than 64,000 startups, though the exact amount cannot be measured precisely. Indeed, many details about American angel investors has long eluded public knowledge. Put simply, there is a lack of knowledge on the profile and investment activities of US angel investors. The American Angel campaign was launched with the goal of shedding light on these questions by conducting the largest survey of business angels in the United States and putting faces on the modern American Angel.

This report, commissioned by the Angel Capital Association and the John Huston Fund for Angel Professionalism (raised by Rev1 Ventures), presents the results of the largest ever study of the profile, background, and investment behavior of angels in the US to date. The study comprises responses from 1,659 individual angels from throughout the country who responded to The American Angel survey.

Find the FULL report here!