Pandemic Response Planning

One of our Members, Stuart Morley created a video, Pandemic Response Planning in light of the current worldwide situation we are facing with COVID-19. This video was prepared on April 20, 2020. Stuart talks to us about getting our community ready for the ‘new normal’ in 2021, and pandemic response planning. 

Stuart Morley, is the Master Strategist* of Morley Consulting. Morley & Associates Inc. was formed in 1990 to provide strategic advice and accounting support for clients in Toronto and the GTA. Since 1996, these services have been available in Muskoka and Simcoe County.

Watch the video here. 

Stuart also put together a series of COVID-19 videos, which can be found here. 

A Master Strategist* is the catalyst to the leader of the company to focus on turning the big picture into enhanced business performance and shareholder value. Very few people are master strategists, as 98% of people in the business world are tactical, 1.8% are idea focused and usually spend time in academic pursuits while the remaining 0.2% are the master strategists who can see the big picture and focus with laser like precision on what needs to be done and persuade business leaders to proceed with confidence to secure results with greater speed than ever before.