GAN operates under the guidance of a 5-person Board of Directors and two Committees, Finance and Selection. The Board of Directors are elected annually at the Members Annual General Meeting. The Board elects the Chairs of the Finance Committee and the Selection Committee. We welcome members who would like to be involved at the board or committee level.

2017 Board of Directors

  • Rick Kostoff – Vice Chair
  • Michael Kostoff
  • Ron Neumann
  • Bob Peel
  • Paul Larche (nominated to Board and as Chair of Board)
  • Paul Dunnett (observer)

Finance Committee

  • Bob Peel
  • Michael Kostoff

Selection Committee

  • Andrew Papierz
  • Michael Kostoff


  • Vice Chair – Rick Kostoff
  • President – Michael Badham
  • Vice President – Ron Neumann
  • Treasurer –Michael Badham
  • Secretary – Ron Crane, or designate in his absence