AI Workshop @ Xcelerate Summit

October 20, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Jenna Green

As a part of the Xcelerate Summit, GAN is proud to present an Ai workshop! 

Xcelerate Summit: This four day virtual conference brings together the areas most prominent business leaders, stellar keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and NETWORKING. Take some time to work on your business.

Ai Workshop:
On October 20th, from 1:00 pm op 4:00 pm GAN will be hosting, via Zoom, a workshop on investing in Artificial Intelligence opportunities, featuring experts and investors who will share their knowledge and answer questions.

Every investment pitch we look at has some reference to using artificial intelligence, machine learning and / or big data to deliver or improve upon the delivery of a product or service. As investors, how can we cut through the hype to understand what is possible today and how can we do our due diligence on these issues.

We have designed a 3-hour workshop using the theme of a GOLD RUSH:

  1. Introduction to the gold rush
    1. What is AI, deep learning, big data, neural networks, supervised vs unsupervised, etc?
    2. The main forms of AI:
      1. Visual – Pattern recognition (ex. Facial recognition)
      2. Audio – Natural language processing and sentiment analysis
  • If, then programming – Decision tree (neural networks) processing
  1. Who are the big players in the world?
  2. What are the most valuable use cases?
  1. The players:
  2. Picks and shovels sold to miners (Software tools to help developers design and code AI applications)
  3. Prospectors (The developers of AI software to be sold to users in various verticals)
  4. Gold miners (These are the specific use cases that businesses have that take the software and apply to their specific situation. Business case is either to reduce costs or enhance customer experience)
  5. Panel discussion on due diligence issues for angel investors followed by Q&A