If and when you are ready to get the investment process underway, please submit your business plan for review.

Before Submitting Your Application…

It is important that all applicants have read the contents of the Pitching 101 and Criteria pages, and understand what we are looking for in potential investee companies, before applying as an entrepreneur/innovator. These criteria need to be rigorously applied, so that we can review investment opportunities that are compatible with the needs of our investors. This is designed to save both you and us time in the investment review process.

How Do You Apply for Consideration?

Based on the information which you provide, we may request additional information in order for us to give further consideration to your application. If an appropriate fit is deemed to exist, your company will be vetted by our Screening Committee, with the possibility of being invited to present to the group at one of our monthly Investment Presentation meetings. If not, we will endeavour to refer you to other resources that may assist the commercialization of your technology, product or service.